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Marine composites

In the marine industry, composites are used in several applications.

Composite materials have high strength to weight ratios and can be moulded into complex shapes with fine detail.

The most common use for composite materials is boat building, watercraft construction and under water exploration purposes  where they replace metal in many areas, including decks, hulls and other structural components.

Swift Composites Ireland has experience working and producing underwater blades, turbines, tidal wave machines components and boats.

Benefits of composites in the marine industry

The use of composites offered the marine industry many benefits from being lightweight, strong, corrosion-resistant, chemical resistant and durable. 

Another is that it can be designed to withstand extreme conditions like high winds or waves.

Compared to any single material on its own like wood or steel, which the sea and organisms can corrode.

Composites are being used for components such as hull shells, topside structures, hatch covers, sonar domes, propeller blades, tidal turbine blades, and internally in ships, to name a few.

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