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Renewable energy composites

Renewable energy is continually growing and developing with good reason.

The extra supply of energy provided to power more homes and industries and less reliance on non-reliable fuel sources is better for humanity and the planet.

At Swift Composites Ireland we strive to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible.

We have experience making windmill blades, turbine housings, underwater turbine blades and much more. 

Benefits of composites in the renewable energy industry

A composite wind turbine blade can be much larger than if the blade was made from a metal structure.

The lighter composite blade means the turbine can be lighter for the equivalent output and a less robust tower structure.

The turbine housing can be made from composites.

Because of the benefits of the composites being made to be nonconductive, weather-resistant, UV resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistant and the strength to weight ratio.

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