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Construction industry composites

The construction industry uses composites to make roofs, bridges, cladding, structures, tanks, access covers, sanitary ware, structural aesthetics like corbels and many more uses.

The strength, durability, lightweight and corrosion resistance are some of the main benefits of composites in the construction industry.

Industrial composites

Industrial composites are the perfect material for manufacturing components that require strength, durability and versatility.

These materials are a combination of different materials like plastics and metal alloys which can be used in various applications.

Industrial composites are then moulded or cast to provide any number of shapes, including pipes, tubes and sheets so that they can be easily integrated into machinery such as engines, pumps or turbines.

The properties of these composite materials make them incredibly efficient at reducing vibration while also ensuring excellent thermal stability.

We create industrial moulds.

On the right is an industrial mould for making concrete bollards. Learn more about precast composite moulds.

Range of items we make in composites for construction and industrial:

We recently made a bespoke round window frame to suit a renovation project of an old building and made it meet fire and safety regulations.

If there is something you want to be made that is not on the list, contact us, and we will discuss it with you to see if it can be made in composites for you.

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