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Medical composites

Composite materials are used to make surgical instruments, props that hold patients securely during surgery and recovery.

The medical industry is quickly adapting polymeric composite material use in their products as the benefits of these cost-effective, yet durable plastics outweigh traditional metal options on many levels!

Benefits of composites in the medical industry

Composites are used in the medical industry because they are lightweight, durable, strong, chemical resistant, and non-corrosive.

(On the right is a composite mould with a steel frame used to make a medical part to assist surgeons during an operation.)

Composites use in Medical Industry

Composites are the material made from the combination of two or more different materials that have other physical and chemical properties.

Different types of materials having different properties are combined to create a new kind of material having desirable properties better than the parent materials.

With the rise in industrial manufacturing, new technologies taking over the outdated methods and needs have increased to a greater extent to use a material having desirable properties like lightweight and still having great strength to be used in high-performance products used in the aerospace, automotive industry, medical, construction, defence and manufacturing industry.

Composite materials like the Fiber-reinforced polymer (FRPs) have high strength, stiffness, and lighter weight; that’s why fibre reinforced polymers are used in making external medical components like artificial limbs.

Fibreglass composites are being used in MRI applications and other medical operations like the supports for the medical instruments, including the surgical table components, immobilization devices, radiographic imaging tabletops, couches, pallets, cradles, medical structures, supports, beams, and other patient handling and position systems.

Advanced composite materials are considered the optimum solution for various medical problems and issues as these composite materials shows the ideal strength to weight ratio, and most of the composite materials are very non-reactive, making these the perfect match for the internal and external uses in the medical industry.

Materials like composite thermoplastic are being used in the filtration, storage, production and also transportation for the medical industry; other than these, the composite solutions are being used in the applications like prosthetic limbs and internally used to support the bones in the form of small bolts.

The fibreglass composites are being used in the construction and manufacturing of health care orthopaedic casts and splints.

The functions of these casts and sprints are to restrict the movement of the injured bones and limbs; casts and sprints are specially constructed devices to support the injured joint and bones.

The support provided by these casts and sprints is totally external as these are made from fibreglass composites which can be harmful if used internally.

The medical industry is associated with bioprocessing, and biotechnology is continuously progressing due to the use of composites.

The composite materials are being used as equipment’s building blocks to help enhance their properties to a greater extent and help in the innovative work.

The key benefits of the composite materials making them so widely used in nearly all the industries, including the medical sector, are the thinner cross-section with lighter weight and the ability or options to be reinforced and unreinforced.

Composite materials are helpful because of their ability to have a variety of shapes, sizes and the production of the largest diameter parts are even possible by using automated fibre placements.

Our composites can be used in an array of medical applications.

If you’re looking for a new material that is lightweight, strong and durable to use in your next product or part, our composite materials are the perfect option.

We can also make the metal frames for ease of use on the assembly line if required. 

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