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A composite bath is an excellent option if you’re looking to update your bathroom. They are made from various materials, including resin, fibreglass and gel-coat. Compared to older baths, composite baths are much more durable and easier to care for. They also offer a variety of design options so that you can find the perfect look for your bathroom. If you’re considering a new bath, be sure to check out composite baths – they’re a great choice for any home.

Composite baths are popular because of their luxurious look and feel and because they are much cheaper than traditional baths made of marble or other materials. These types of baths are often sleeker and more stylish than different types of baths. They can also be made to look like any material so that you can have the perfect bath for your home.

Frequently asked questions

A composite bathtub is a type of bathtub that is made from a combination of materials. The most common type of composite bathtub is made from a combination of resin and fiberglass. Composite bathtubs are usually less expensive than other types of bathtubs, and they are available in a variety of colors and styles. Composite bathtubs are also easy to clean and maintain.

A composite bathtub is made of a material that is a mixture of resin and fiberglass. The some tubs are designed to look like they are made of stone or cast iron, but they are much lighter in weight. There are many benefits to having a composite bathtub installed in your home.

One benefit is that composite tubs are very strong and durable. They will not chip, crack or fade over time like other materials can. Composite tubs are also easy to clean and maintain. They resist mold and mildew and do not show water spots or soap scum like other materials can.

Another benefit of composite tubs is that they are very affordable. They cost less than other types of tubs on the market, yet they still offer all of the same benefits as more expensive options.

Swift composites make and supply composite baths and some accessories like claw legs or the base surround. If you require a bespoke bathtub or designing a new range of baths, contact us to discuss your requirements or if you need a large number of units.

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We also make composite showers!

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