Composite Bumpers


Composite bumpers are becoming increasingly popular in today’s vehicles. There are several reasons for this, the main one being that they are much more durable than traditional metal bumpers.

Composite bumpers also offer several other benefits, including improved impact resistance, better looks, and increased fuel efficiency.

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Composite bumper skirt

Frequently asked questions

Composite bumpers are made from a variety of materials, including plastics, resins, and fibreglass. This gives them a number of advantages over steel bumpers.

Automobiles are constantly evolving and becoming more complex. As safety features are added, and new technology is integrated, the materials used in manufacturing also have to evolve. Bumpers are a perfect example of this. In the past, steel was the primary material used in construction, but that has changed with the development of composite bumpers.

Composite bumpers are an important safety feature on many vehicles.

They are designed to help absorb impact and protect the vehicle and its occupants from serious injury.

Composite bumpers are made of a variety of materials.

Many composite bumpers also have a reinforcement bar behind them that helps to distribute the force of an impact evenly across the front or rear of the vehicles.

Composite bumpers are lighter than steel bumpers which improves fuel efficiency.

The bumpers can be made to the vehicle colour code, which can reduce fitting labour costs.

Composite bumpers are made from a fiber based composite material ( fibreglass and resins usually). They are light, strong and corrosion resistant. They are also a very good replacement for your original bumper as they are half the weight of steel bumpers of the same size.

Swift composites make and supply new front bumpers, rear bumpers, bumper pieces and bumper corners for all types of vehicles.

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